Wellness Herbs is the premiere online seller of herbs to heal the body, mind and spirit. Your sickness and disease are not your problem alone. Let the Master Healer help you back to Health and Wellness!

Wellness Herbs conducts live consultations for those who want to learn how to uses herbs for healing dis-ease. Our consultations are conducted by Dr. Douglas E. Thomas who studied plant pharmacology in Africa and Cuba. He earned his PhD in African Traditional Religion at Temple University and studied plant pharmacology under an expert in Cuba.

Our consultations are live and conducted 24 hours daily. We are always on-call to assist those in need. For purchases over $150 dollars you will receive a Free 15-minute consultation over the telephone or by Zoom.

  1. 30 Minutes for $250 30 Min. $250
  2. 60 Minutes for $500 plus a free 15-minute follow-up. 60 Min. $500
  3. *Homebound: $150,000 for Homebound: $150,000
  • House visits are only for those who are terminal and want me to visit them. I will provide you spiritual treatment and bless you and your home for Ultimate Health. I will provide you with the herbs and foods you need for recovery. I will set up your kitchens and teach you how to prepare the foods and herbs you need for recovery. I will provide 20 hours of full contact with you and prepare you for complete Wellness.
  • 50% of the Homebound fee must be paid in advance and the balance is due the day before my arrival.

Remember, your sickness and disease are not yours alone. Wellness herbs is here to assist you. Let the Master Healer help you back to Health and Wellness.
One hourPrivate Healing Sessions Live Via Zoom Or Telephone. $33,000